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A_C Official: Sustainable, Ethical, and Cruelty-Free Accessories

A_C Official, founded by Tessa Carroll, disrupts the Carry-goods Industry with their sustainable, ethical, and cruelty-free accessories. A_C stands for Ahimsa Collective, symbolizing a movement for positive change. Their ethos, rooted in the Sanskrit word ‘Ahimsa’ (cause no harm), emphasizes collective efforts for daily positive changes.

➡ Products

@a_c____official offers an array of products including Clutch Bags, Crossbody Bags, Evening Bags, Purses & Wallets, as well as Totes & Shoppers. They focus on innovative materials such as Cactus Leather, Silēather, Pineapple Leather, Washable Paper, Deadstock, and Recycled Polyester.

➡ Vegan

@a_c____official is committed to vegan and cruelty-free practices, utilizing plant-based, organic, and recycled textiles for their accessories. They are dedicated to offering environmentally-beneficial bags without harming animals.

➡ Planet

A_C Official‘s design principles are based on a Circular Economy, creating contemporary yet timeless styles with materials like Cactus Leather and Pineapple Leather. They actively engage in recycling, repairing, and re-homing programs. For every product sold, they plant one Mangrove tree in partnership with Sea Trees, contributing to carbon sequestration and coastal protection.

➡ People

A_C Official builds personal relationships with their factories, ensuring fair wages, access to healthcare, and education for workers. Their factories in P.R.C. are chosen based on ethical practices and social compliance. They strive for radical transparency, encouraging client audits, and continuously work to become one of the most socially compliant factories globally. @a_c____official actively combats modern slavery, promoting a safe and respectful working environment for everyone involved in their production process.

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