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We’re building a fashion search & discovery platform that curates & features vegan products in one place, to make it easier for you to find & explore vegan fashion.

Need to replace animal leather boots with cruelty-free ones? - easy. Denim Jeans without the animal leather patch on the back? No problem.

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Vegan fashion = hemp ponchos? Seriously? No not at all, and we're here to show you what's out there.

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What we do

We put together a large collection of vegan products, to make it easier for you to find exactly what you’re searching for and explore thousands of vegan products – all in one place.

Shop & support only what’s important to you, filter for product values, like recycled or organic, used materials, like linen or apple leather, brand values, like eco-friendly or woman-owned, or certifications, like PETA-approved or B Corporation …

Stay up to date in vegan fashion, explore new drops & discover awesome brands, materials and vegan versions of your favorite pieces.

We show you whats out there and show you where to buy, with one click you’re redirect to the shop for more details and the checkout process.

We exclusively take vegan products on the platform, so you don’t need to have 25 tabs open and search for vegan brands or cruelty-free pieces from your favorite brands. You can find exactly what you’re looking for without the research, because we already checked the labels, so you can enjoy the shopping.

We include all kinds of brands. 100% vegan ones, as well as ethical, sustainable ones, but also all the major retailers, we want to show you whats out there so everyone can still shop their favorite brands, but obviously we only include their vegan pieces here. New brands are regularly added so that we eventually cover the whole spectrum of brands.

We already did the research and curated vegan fashion in one place, so you can just enjoy shopping, and spend more time with looking pretty in your new vegan outfit.

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" We believe that animal products no longer have a place in fashion. 💯 "
Vegan Fashion
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